A properly planned estate can save you and your family considerable expense and distress upon death or incapacity. Hansons Lawyers has highly experienced estate lawyers who have taken an active role in community and professional education on estate law.

We can assist you in achieving your goals whether it be drafting a will or trust or planning for incapacity. Trusts and estate planning are not just for ‘high fliers’.

The administration of an estate requires special skills particularly given the complexity of today’s tax laws. We work together with you, and later your representative, to ensure your affairs and estate are managed carefully and expeditiously and in accordance with your wishes.

Powers of Attorney are very essential to accommodate delegations, travel and other absences. They are used widely in the commercial world to facilitate the signing of documents. An enduring Power of Attorney is most important if someone is very ill or has lost the ability to look after their own affairs.

A Power of Guardianship is very useful if you wish to ensure someone can make decisions for you or to repeat your own wishes in matters relating to your medical, dental and physical care.

Hansons Lawyers can guide and advise you on the most suitable arrangements for decision making considering your particular circumstances.

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