Whether an employer or employee, you need up-to-date advice on workplace legislation and the laws covering employment and industrial relations, to make sure your operations are fair, safe and lawful.

Our highly experienced employment and industrial law specialists can advise you on all aspects of workplace legislation, from the Fair Work Act and compliance with regulations to resolving disputes. 

Hansons advisory legal services include:

  • advice on employment and executive contracts
  • advice on obligations, rights and responsibilities under the Fair Work Act
  • drafting and negotiating enterprise agreements 
  • development of human resource manuals and workplace policies
  • drafting and certification or registration of employment agreements
  • due diligence on employment law issues
  • employee benefits and other employment arrangements.
  • employee share schemes
  • employment issues arising from transmission of businesses
  • occupational superannuation
  • protecting confidentiality and IP in employment arrangements
  • negotiating with unions
  • industrial commission matters

We also guide clients through disciplinary and performance management issues with employees from a legal perspective, and frequently act as a back-up for human resource departments.

On the contentious side, Hansons advise employers, and individual employee clients, on a range of issues, including disputes involving:

  • contract claims
  • enforcement of  restrictive covenants
  • discrimination, harassment and other statutory claims. 
  • wrongful and unfair dismissals
  • OH&S claims and the defence of these
  • strikes and industrial action
  • confidentiality and intellectual property
  • restraint of trade
  • termination of employment.

If you are an employer, or employee looking for confidential legal support and advice on workplace or employment law issue, please get in touch and ask to speak to Thomas Sherley or Shae Mitchell.